Close to half 2016, the year is being a continuation of the last years, WIRE at Düsseldorf was like a shuttle and projects continue coming from different parts of the world despite the difficulties of the sector and the large number of new players in action.


FLYMCA remains mainly focused on two types of projects: the special ones with high added value such as machinery for superconductors, mainly focused on planetary equipment that requires high levels of sophistication, with advanced electronics to allow low tension control on the wires and thorough wires process control monitoring since the pay-off bobbins until the formation point. The other traditional range of conventional machines already well known within the standard manufacturing program, which highlights nowadays a unique quality-price value in the European market.



For both power conductors as well as steel wire ropes, the technical solutions adopted correspond to what the industry traditionally has been looking for, together with new and proven solutions:

- Structures with high rigidity and strength able to work for several decades without any defect or problem and with minimum maintenance cycles that allow even higher productivities

- Integration of a reliable electronics that controls the entire system without failure or imply additional difficulties that oblige factories to have specialists on each field.

- The advance of Industry 4.0 obliges to take part on the current progress that has been done by the leading companies in automation which help us to  integrate into new control panels the control systems faults, alarms, maintenance, access to important production data from anywhere in the world, etc.


The projects currently being handled in FLYMCA respond to several of these types:

- Planetary stranding for manufacturing superconductors with a very soft tension control via motorized drives.

- Planetary laying-up machines for special conductors with independent and variable back-twist including the possibility to work with sector shape conductors to form Milliken cables.

- Rigid stranders for bobbins DIN 800 mm with 1000 kg weight hat let obtain higher productions. Including fully automatic loading system, high temperature greasing between layers, tandem work up to 127 wires.

- Steel taping, cutting and rewinding lines and manufacturing of complete set of equipment for new factories for low and medium as well as high voltage cables.



Sister company FLYRO continues attending the market needs with customers all around the world. FLYRO takes care of a large inventory of available second hand machinery most of them still installed and in working condition that can be shown and also offers services of dismantling, refurbishing as well as electrical upgrading.


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